Competition Results 2016
Competed in Intermediate Horse Class

Windsor Park Regional Event - June 2016 

Sandringham National Driving Competition - June 2016 

Ashfield National Driving Competition - July 2016  

Redenham Park Regional Driving Competition - August 2016 

Competition Results 2017
Competed in Open and Advance Horse Class

Catton Park National Driving Trials (Midlands) - May 2017
Completed Open Horse Class - 3rd Place

Windsor Park Regional Driving Trials (Berkshire) - June 2017
Completed Open Horse Class - 1st Place

Sandringham International Driving Trial (Norfolk) - June 2017
Completed Advance Horse Class FEI 2* Class - 8th Place

Ashfields National Driving Trial (Essex) - July 2017
Completed Advance Horse Class - 4th Place

National Carriage Driving Championship (Cirencester) - September 2017
Completed Advance Horse Class - 5th Place

Events 2020

Adam intends to compete at the following events with Delta in 2020 

To be announced (April 2020) - Due to the current situation and worldwide pandemic, currently all competition are postponed/cancelled 

Windsor Park Club Event -  

Windsor Park Club Event -

Windsor Park Regional Event - 

Windsor Park Club Event - 

Goodwood Regional Event - 

Windsor Park Club Event -