Team Trainer - Pippa Bassett

Pippa Bassett is an international Horse Team Driver, several times National Champion and highly experienced trainer. Adam started competition carriage driving with Pippa back in 2006, and regards the success he has had over the years down to the experience, training and knowledge he has received working closely with her over that time period.  

Adam has continued training with Pippa over the years due to her supportive and synaptic techniques to ensure as a driver you extract the most out of your horse. 

Her training assists you in developing the relationship between you and your horses, building up trust and enabling you to compete to the highest level through a strong partnership. 

Additionally she is a brilliant horsewoman, competing at the highest level herself as well as schooling and breaking clients horses to harness. 

Adam benefits from Pippa support both at home and at competitions. 

Ridden Dressage Coach  James Rooney

Over the last few years Adam has focussed more closely on ridden dressage as a method way of improving both his competition performance but also his horses way of going. Adam has regular session with local Ridden Dressage Coach James Rooney.

James is a strong believer in taking time to train a young or inexperienced horse correctly allowing their temperament to develop so confidence and concentration can grow. This work parallel with Adam's training method, with James and Adam working closely to ensure  the horses are supple, balanced and straight with energy and rhythm in all paces. 

James has a vast knowledge and experience in the equestrian world, having gained the following qualifications over the year :-

  • FEI Eventing Judge 3*/4*
  • FEI Driving Judge
  • BD List 2 Judge
  • BC Council Member, BC Chairman of Training
  • BC Chef d'Equip Single Horse 2014, BC Assistant Chef d'Equip Horse Teams 2013

Competition Groom - Katie Russell

Katie is a great help and support to Adam both at competitions and at home. She has worked with Adam for the last couple of years enabling him to compete at a high level.

Katie assists Adam at competitions through ensuring that the horses are turned out to an exceptional standard. Additionally during the marathon phase Katie takes on the vital role of backstep, making sure that the carriage remains upright and that Adam drives the correct route. 

At home Katie helps with the exercising and day to day upkeep of Adam horses. 

In addition to the people mentioned above, Adam is also reliant on many people for their help  at competitions,  for their guidance  leading up shows, or their assistance while he is away from home. 

Gill Wyllie also supports the team massively in many ways in addition to acting at photographer at events and capturing many of the brilliant action shot portrayed on this website.