Without a large number of supporters and helpers, Adam would be unable to compete. 

Fenix Carriages

Adam is supported by Mark Broadbent at Fenix Carriages.

In 2017 Adam received his new bespoke design Fenix Falcon marathon Carriage which has proved a superb addition. 

Mark is a well known international competitor and enjoys great success in single, pair and tandem showing, he often competes with a horse team as well as running Fenix Carriages. 

Broomells Workshop

Adam has been supported by Broomells Workshop for several years. 

Broomells workshop specialises in  making and repairing bridles, harness and saddles for the equestrian community.

They are vitally important to Adam as repairer of equipment as well as suppliers feed, bedding, and supplements 

Balanced Horse Feeds

Adam has been feeding using Balanced Horse feeds for several years. He find the formulated range of feeds which use traditional ingredients combined with the latest scientific and technological advances enable his horse to be in top competition condition. 

Adam is currently using a combination of Competition mix, and High Fibre Cubes to regulate temperament and  improve performance as well as  assist in maintaining good health throughout the year for his horses